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Emerging Market Investment & Strategic Advisory Services

The Conrad Group is recognized worldwide for its ability to:
• Identify investment and business opportunities in emerging markets
• Analyze these opportunities with first-world analytics and training
• Seize the opportunities and deliver maximum value for clients

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Dim-Sum Feast: Capitalizing on RMB Bonds

Game-changing phenomena often begin with subtle events that pass virtually unnoticed, and so it shall be for what is now called “Dim-Sum debt.” The Chinese government in April 2009 announced a pilot program to allow Chinese companies in selected mainland regions to settle cross-border trades in RMB through Hong Kong and Macau clearing banks, with the first RMB settlement occurring in July 2009.

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Real Estate Fund Raising

The Conrad Group has developed significant expertise in the structuring and funding of real estate funds and projects. In the past two years we have successfully raised more than $700MM for various real estate deals and now work closely with key global institutional investors interested in acquiring real estate.

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New Frontiers in Brazil

For many years a common refrain in Brazil was that it was the country of tomorrow, but that tomorrow never seemed to arrive. This rather cynical view was based on a history that always seemed to keep the aspirations of the Brazilian people just out of reach. Brazil, a country rich in natural resources, a diverse populace, excellent ports and harbors and strategically positioned in South America could never quite turn the corner.

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    The Conrad Group has a proven track record of successful client engagements.

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    Innovative Fund-Raising in the
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    Dim-Sum Feast: China’s Capital is Unleashed!

    Date: June 15, 2011

    Game-changing phenomena often begin with subtle events that pass virtually unnoticed, and so it shall be for what is now called “Dim-Sum debt.”

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    New Fund-Raising Strategy: RMB Bonds


    Today, there are $72 billion of RMB deposits in Hong Kong, a figure that continues to grow by 10% every month.

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    Summary and Excerpt of the Brazilian Real Estate Market Analysis Report

    The Conrad Group regularly provides market analysis for attractive investment opportunities. Here is a presentation summary and excerpt of The Conrad Group’s Brazilian Real Estate Market Analysis Report.

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    washington debt crisis

    American politics accelerate the decline of the dollar and the rise of the Chinese yuan

    It is often said that reality can trump a good fiction novel anytime. In the case of the United States Congress, we have the basis for a fiction novel that the average reader could never have imagined to be true. …

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    “Financial Services and the World Cup legacy” Interview with BNamericas

    This article originally appeared in BNamericas.

    By Kieran Lonergan

    14 March 2014

    “Financial Services and the World Cup legacy”

    With the World Cup fast approaching and the Olympics not far behind, we speak to William Nobrega of the Conrad Group

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    Flirtation in Yuan Bonds Cools Off

    This article originally appeared in The Wall Street Journal.

    By Lingling Wei

    05 July 2011

    BEIJING—A rush this year by issuers of risky bonds to tap the burgeoning yuan-debt market in Hong Kong has slowed, as investors are waking up

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    Offshore RMB Market in Hong Kong
    (Sept. 7-8, 2011)

    The Offshore RMB Market 2011 summit is the ONLY event in Asia that encompasses the entire offshore RMB market, ranging from offshore RMB bonds to IPOs to RMB-denominated FX trading. This annual summit brings together Chinese and Hong Kong regulators, issuers, institutional investors, private, corporate and investment banks and asset managers to explore how you can capitalize on the offshore RMB market to raise funds and generate higher returns on investments.

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    RMB Congress USA 2011, New York (Nov. 30 – Dec. 2, 2011)

    The Conrad Group’s William Nobrega will be presenting at Terrapin’s RMB Congress USA 2011, which takes place In New York on Nov. 30 – Dec. 2, 2011.

    Overview: The RMB Congress USA is the only conference in New York to explore …

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