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With a diverse team of professionals worldwide we are one of the fastest growing boutique firms in the area of emerging market investment and strategic advisory services with highly refined analytics and execution capabilities. As such, The Conrad Group has strong functional expertise in the following industries and services:

Emerging Markets

We have developed significant expertise and have established a foot print in a number of key markets to include: China, Brazil, India, Colombia, Australia and Central America. Learn more>

Real Estate

The Conrad Group has developed significant expertise in the structuring and funding of realeEstate funds and projects with a specific focus on China, Australia and Brazil. During the past two years, we have successfully raised more than $700MM for various real estate deals. Learn more>


China is one of the leading investors in global mining operations. The Conrad Group has developed significant relationships with leading Chinese banks and other institutions and, using RMB-denominated investment vehicles, we are able to secure capital under favorable terms for global mining operations. Learn more>


The Conrad Group firmly believes that the future for energy production lies in renewable sources, including wind, solar waste to energy and geothermal. Learn more>

Natural Resources

The Conrad Group’s presence and experience in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region enables us to with clients to secure strategic partners and capital for a broad range of natural resource opportunities, including: rare-earths, metals, wood and pulp, cattle, and other key natural resources. Learn more>


Global trade continues to grow at a remarkable pace. However the most pronounced growth in trade has taken place between China and Latin America with trade between the two regions growing by 50% this year alone. Learn more>


During the next decade, investments in infrastructure in key emerging markets will exceed $3 trillion. Many of these investments are being made by Chinese construction and engineering companies. Learn more>

Special Purpose Funds

A growing middle class and growing liquidity in China has created numerous unique opportunities that reflect the growing consumption of luxury goods in China. Learn more>

Summary and Excerpt of the Brazilian Real Estate Market Analysis Report

The Conrad Group regularly provides market analysis for attractive investment opportunities. Here is a presentation summary and excerpt of The Conrad Group’s Brazilian Real Estate Market Analysis Report.

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Investment Opportunity: Agincourt Capital

The Conrad Group represents Agincourt Capital Australia RMB Bond Fund

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Untapped Capital: China’s RMB Bonds

Game-changing phenomena often begin with subtle events that pass virtually unnoticed, and so it shall be for what is now called “Dim-Sum debt.”

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The Chinese Yuan, the World’s Next Reserve Currency!

The average American businessmen as well as the majority of American policy makers scoff at the possibility

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Dim-Sum Feast: China’s Capital is Unleashed!

Game-changing phenomena often begin with subtle events that pass virtually unnoticed, and so it shall be for what is now called “Dim-Sum debt.”

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New Fund-Raising Strategy: RMB Bonds

Today, there are $72 billion of RMB deposits in Hong Kong, a figure that continues to grow by 10% every month.

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