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Strategic Partnerships

TMG Capital Partners

TMG is an independent management group based in Brazil and comprised of partners and associates with solid experience in the management of industrial, commercial and service companies, as well as financial institutions. TMG Capital Partners manages the TMG fund, a $100 million private equity fund composed of resources from international investors dedicated to investing in Brazil and throughout Latin America. By acquiring a stake in unlisted companies that are well-managed and have strong growth potential, TMG Capital Partners works to optimize returns on initial investments through well-planned growth and exit strategies.



MDS Financial

MDS, a full-service corporate advisory and capital markets specialist, is considered a leader in the structuring and placement of products and services for institutional, high-net-worth and family office clients in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, MDS is also an ASX market participant, with institutional and third-party wholesale brokerage facilities underpinned by substantial retail online trading and market data services. More information about MDS is available at


IDFC Private Equity, one of India’s largest private equity funds, has more than $600 million under management.  IDFC’s investments are focused on India’s infrastructure, an area of strategic interest to The Conrad Group that has catalyzed powerful synergies between the two entities in recent years.

Diaz, Reus & Targ LLP

Diaz, Reus, & Targ is an international law firm with headquarters in Miami and offices in New York, Caracas, Bogota, Frankfurt, Monte Carlo, Dubai, and Hong Kong. Diaz Reus provides a comprehensive and full range of preeminent, innovative, sophisticated and cost-efficient legal services for U.S.-based and global clients — including multinational and Fortune 500 corporations, foreign government entities and public officials, banks and other financial institutions, entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals. Diaz Reus and The Conrad Group work together on a wide range of activities for their mutual clients.

Roar Media

Roar Media is a public relations firm and digital-communications agency that combines traditional public relations and advanced Internet marketing to deliver practical, innovative programs specifically tailored to support clients’ business goals. The firm focuses on marketing for professional services firms and has extensive experience in the areas of real estate, fund-raising and international marketing and marketing to high-net-worth individuals. To that end, its team members have handled communications programs for the CDL China Real Estate Opportunity Fund, Du Val Group, LandBank, Liberty Pointe Advisors, PURE High Net Worth Insurance and The Conrad Group, among other clients in a complete spectrum of industries. The firm is differentiated by its ROI-focused approach, proven ability to deliver meaningful results, and its team members’ experience working as journalists with top-tier media outlets as well as Internet marketers. More information is available at

Bay Capital Partners

Bay Capital Partners is a UK-based asset-management firm with more than $500 million under management.  Bay Capital’s investments are focused primarily on the Indian market and have achieved consistently high growth, even during recent market slowdowns.  Conrad and Bay Capital work hand-in-hand to optimize investment strategies and raise capital in India.


Summary and Excerpt of the Brazilian Real Estate Market Analysis Report

The Conrad Group regularly provides market analysis for attractive investment opportunities. Here is a presentation summary and excerpt of The Conrad Group’s Brazilian Real Estate Market Analysis Report.

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Investment Opportunity: Agincourt Capital

The Conrad Group represents Agincourt Capital Australia RMB Bond Fund

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Untapped Capital: China’s RMB Bonds

Game-changing phenomena often begin with subtle events that pass virtually unnoticed, and so it shall be for what is now called “Dim-Sum debt.”

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The Chinese Yuan, the World’s Next Reserve Currency!

The average American businessmen as well as the majority of American policy makers scoff at the possibility

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Dim-Sum Feast: China’s Capital is Unleashed!

Game-changing phenomena often begin with subtle events that pass virtually unnoticed, and so it shall be for what is now called “Dim-Sum debt.”

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New Fund-Raising Strategy: RMB Bonds

Today, there are $72 billion of RMB deposits in Hong Kong, a figure that continues to grow by 10% every month.

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